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  1. Veronica Hadden says:

    While I was at school there was only ever about 2 girls in the top 10 at best, all the way though school. I would seriously like to take better pictures of girls dressed in revealing attire for future articles, you understand. An interesting consideration. It could be very odd to show these pics to future kids, of course, who knows what will become standard dress in the future. Not a white bra which will show. I think any woman should think twice before wearing such dresses on her wedding day if she wants to show the wedding pictures to her children years later! Of course she wouldn’t want her children to think slutty of her. I think the underlying course of perpuating partriachy lies with socialization we get from birth starting with agencies such as family,religion,school and state.therefore this must change inorder to achiev da gender equality. But then the rest of us wont get to see. 11 yr old criticizing you and if it is a demon thats causing that fire to do drugs u need help with your faith in god if your faith is strong as a oak trees bark u wouldn’t have any troubles so im out i hope u understand me and go to a church and not a church that beliefs in any other god then the god of abraham.